2015 Fantasy Baseball Week 9

Week 9How does this happen again? I was beating Adam2 pretty soundly on Saturday afternoon, I think it was 9-3. Then by Saturday night it was all tied and that is how it stayed. I feel like these were almost the same categories won/lost from week one.Freddie Freeman

Best Hitter:  Freddie Freeman. Yep, the Frat Boy was damn good this week (7/3/8/1/.391/.444). I have no clue if he is a frat guy, I just like to think he acts like one.

Best Pitcher:  This one was a little tougher since most of my pitchers did well this week. I suppose Johnny Cueto was the best though. In two starts he picked up a win, thirteen strikeouts, and had a .69/.85 ERA/WHIP. Not too shabby for a guy that everyone thought was hurt.

Biggest Positive Surprise:  Mike Moustakas. I just keep waiting for him to come crashing back down to where he has been in the past, but it just does not seem to be happening. He was someone I always had high hopes for (along with Hosmer) and I am pretty sure I drafted him a few years ago in the middle rounds thinking he would have a nice second year. It was a costly draft pick.

Biggest Negative Surprise:  Stephen Vogt. He was 1 for 20 this week. That is terrible, especially after being my best hitter last week. I hope this is not a sign of things to come.

The tie did not really affect me too much, since I am still in first place. I have a two game lead on Sean, who beat Offord. Gideon stays in third place, but people could be gaining on him since he lost to Jason. Pat is in fourth and only a game behind Gideon, if only Pat could have hammered on Dustin a little more, I mean come on Pat, 6-5? Lindsey and Ryan switched spots after she beat him 7-5. I guess MIke Trout did not help you that much, eh Ryan?

This week I take on Pat, while Lindsey tries to keep her winning streak rolling against Jason.

Here we have the Counting Crows coving Ryan Adams…