Belt and Crates

BeltThe moment you have all been waiting for…what kind of belt did I buy for the wedding. Okay, that is not true, everyone is waiting for me to post about the entire outfit. Be patient folks, I want to see how long I can drag this out.

I am not one of those belt connoisseurs, who has to have a certain kind of belt (I actually do not know anyone like that). I have no clue what brand to buy or whatever (I guess you would say designer, right?). But, since learning that there a million different shades of brown shoe, I figured I better get a belt that is close to the same brown. Make sense?

We went to Macy’s and I grabbed the shoe that I purchased and we went over to the belts and started browsing. I was able to find one from Perry Ellis tat was pretty close. Lindsey thought it was a different shade, but this was definitely the closest one they had to my shoe. So no, not an exact match, but I am pretty sure the world will not end.

Speaking of fun wedding stuff, I recently had the fun task of making crates for something. Check these bad boys out.

CratesOkay, I did not technically make the crates. We bought them at a store. However, I did put the Josh & Lindsey decoration on there. You may think that was a stencil that I bought and then painted on, but you would be wrong. Allow me to explain.

First I went to DesignMantic, they offer free wedding monogram designs. The site is really easy to use and you can customize things however you want. Definitely recommend it. Next I used Paint to flip the image so it was inverse. After that, I printed the inverse image onto wax paper. Yes, just ordinary wax paper from the kitchen. I took the wax paper and carefully laid it on the wood, then used a credit card to rub in the ink. I am pretty proud of how they came out.

There were seven crates and I did one on each side. The hardest part was cutting the wax paper. I kept thinking it had to be the exact same size as paper, but soon realized that it did not matter, just as long as it fit in the printer. Also, the wax paper would easily jam in the printer. So that was annoying. Everything is starting to come together.