Game of Thrones: Hardhome

Now that was an awesome episode. I loved how they kept cutting back to Cersei and her plight in the dungeon. I felt like she was pretty close to breaking at some point, but then she keeps impressing me by sucking water off the cell floor.Hardhome

We also finally got to see what Arya has been up to in Braavos. She is learning how to become someone else. Right now, she is selling oysters and learning everything about the thin man. I really loved how Arya thought it was so stupid that people pay this guy. It was from the book and it was just as funny here, making fun of the ridiculousness of insurance.

Ramsay thinks he can take on Stannis’ army with just twenty men. Everyone seems to think this is Ramsay being ridiculous and foolish. Ramsay does not mean that he will attack the army with twenty men. I have a feeling that those twenty men will start capturing men and flaying them. Give those Southern men something to truly fear. By the time they reach Winterfell, Stannis will have lost many more to desertion.

Speaking of Winterfell, at least Sansa finally got some good news. She confronted Theon and discovers that Bran and Rickon are both alive. I really believe that at some point Rickon will return with Shaggy Dog and take over the entire North.tyrion and dany

This was also the episode where we finally get the meeting of Daenerys and Tyrion. House Targaryen and House Lannister. This match did not disappoint. Tyrion gave great advice regarding Jorah (sorry buddy, looks like you are still out in the cold) and then they had a conversation about what it would take to capture the Iron Throne. Tyrion points out that she needs to have the great houses on her side, but Dany says that she does not want to be part of that wheel (the cycle of one house being greater than another) and instead wants to break the wheel.

This is how we will get the connection between the High Sparrow and Daenerys Targaryen. In the books, we get the sense that the High Sparrow and his followers are very much a grass-roots movement. It is the poor people who are looking to stop this stupid violence that they witnessed during the War of the Five Kings. The show has not really highlighted this as much, but we get that sense from the High Sparrow himself. Can he and Dany be fighting for the same thing? Does she worship the Seven? Or is he paving the way for her? The people will like what they see with the powerful being punished for not following the Seven, but when they start being punished for not following every single little thing, will they grow tired of his preaching? jon and white walker

And yes, I just wrote almost five hundred words about the episode and have not even mentioned what happened north of the Wall! This could have been a good episode without the battle at Hardhome, but with it then the episode became great.

Here are the things I loved about that part of the episode:

-The way Tormund deals with the Lord of Bones. Instead of some long discussion or lots of sword-rattling, Tormund just beats him to death with a club that has a skull on it.

-One of the things that is hard for us viewers to understand is the way everyone seems to be against this partnership. They all know the White Walkers are coming, it just makes sense. But then the woman (I cannot remember her name, so she shall be Wild Lady) says she has lost many friends and family to the Crows and she will never break bread with them. Jon responds quite angrily that he lost over fifty brothers to the wildlings. I think that really helped to emphasize how much hatred these two sides feel for each other.

-When the wights were approaching Hardhome and the Thenn was standing near the gate, did anyone else expect something to either stab him in the head or burst through a hole? My heart was starting to pound with the anticipation. Well done show!

-Wild Lady is probably the worst mother of all time. She puts her babies on the boat and then decides to leave them behind to make sure…I was not really too sure about her plan. Also, she loses the Dragonglass that Jon gave her. Geez lady, you had one job. Fortunately she was killed by little kid wights.

-Jon’s battle with the White Walker was pretty awesome. I have always suspected that Valyrian Steel must be good for something, especially since they call them dragonsteel (or something like that). It just always seemed weird that there was these special blades out there and they had to have some use other than just being cool. Well Jon discovers that not only do they not shatter against the White Walker’s weapon, but they kill the bastards.

-Once everyone, or at least the people who are going to survive, get on the boats, we see the Night’s King true power. Not only is he a scary White Walker, but he is able to raise all of the dead into his wight army. If that does not give you a feeling of dread, especially when you remember all of the people outside the walls trying to fight off the wights.nights-king

So yeah, I am pumped for the final two episodes of the season