Game of Thrones: Mother’s Mercy

Gideon made a comment in last week’s post that was pretty relevent:

Regarding something big happening in the finale – I don’t think that has ever happened in any season. The finales are usually a let down compared to the penultimate episode.

He had a good point and I suppose I should have clarified in my original post that by something big, I did not really mean a major battle, but instead something more small and personal. And in this regard, I was right.crap.0

It seems to me that this season was mostly the writers of the show trying to slowly dip their toes into the pool of unknown futures. They have to be careful not to spoil things too much for the book readers because those fans will be pissed, but at the same time they need to move the story lines along and they need to get to the same conclusion as GRRM. This is probably why they should have started making this into a show once GRRM finished the books (granted, I would probably be 60 at that point).

When I think about the show from that context, I kind of feel bad for the show’s creators. No matter what they do, they will end up pissing someone off. Just go read some of the comments at the hundreds of reviews/recaps of the episode. Either the book-readers are pissed because they had to cut out some minor plot point that has major ramifications in a theory, or they are pissed that it seems like some theory has been confirmed (also, most of these crazy book readers have already read all the preview chapters from The Winds of Winter–I am not one of those people, I will wait until it comes out). So now those folks are mad because they feel like all the Stannis stuff in the books is spoiled since they know how the Battle of Winterfell will end.

Then you have the show people, you know, the folks who do not read the books, who seem to be upset that there was all of this stupid Dorne stuff, or that certain characters were killed and it did not really make sense. For some reason, this has to be the most popular show of all time that everyone seems to hate (if you were to judge it from internet comments only, haha).

So where does that leave me? Well for some reason, I am able to separate the show and book. I feel like when I read the next book, even if some things are spoiled for me, that it will not take away my satisfaction. Hell, I knew that Robb Stark was going to die and yet I was still shocked when they killed him on the show. I feel like the book will be the same way.

Okay, on to stuff about the episode…

-Did I like the Dornish stuff? Not really, it was not the best subplot ever, but it was not nearly as terrible as people claim. It was an okay way to change the book stuff that happens down there. Plus, if Myrcella dies (and I am sure she will, since Maggie the Frog called it years ago), then we could see what Doran’s plans were. Remember, in the book he told his daughter his big secret plan after she tried to kill Myrcella…(right?)

Also, I thought the scene between Myrcella and Jaime was touching. When she said she knew he was her father and they hugged…a little teary eyed. Whatever.

-Sam is going to Oldtown! Yay. I think. I feel like training to be a maester would take years. Does that mean Sam is gone for good? I highly doubt it. Something tells me he will get there and then discover something huge in the library. Something that will be vital to saving the entire world from the White Walkers.

-It looks like the show kept with the book stuff in regards to Dany. Instead of Barristan running Meereen while she is gone, it will be Tyrion. And who else is excited to have him and Varys together again, running a city? Season two was great, the god of tits and wine shall be pleased!

Here is the big question, will Dany be taken captive by Khal Pono and the khalasar? Or will they recognize her and kneel before her? I have a feeling when Drogon shows up and she says that this is the child she gave birth to, the Stallion that Shall Mount World…they will join up with her team pretty quickly. Or at least once Drogon eats Khal Pono. Khal Drogon has a nice ring to it.

Imagine her heading to Westeros with the Unsullied (the most not-so-elite fighting force in the world), the 40,000 Dothraki Blood Riders, and the Second Sons. And oh, maybe making an alliance with some Dornish prince who hates the Lannisters? cersei-mountain.0

-The Cersei walk was amazing. It was such a great part of the book. I remember feeling her pain the book and actually feeling so bad for her. The show was able to capture that same feeling. Although it does not look like she learned too much since Robert Strong, AKA FrankenMountain, is here to kill all of her enemies. My prediction: The High Sparrow has a trick up his sleeve for the trial. Ser Robert Strong vs. Brother Sandor (for those book readers, this would be a huge payoff).

Here is another prediction, the High Sparrow loses his trial by combat (he probably has Lancel fight Robert Strong), but the people flock to the church even more when they learn about the monster that Cersei created. Again, this leaves the capital and the Seven Kingdoms pretty open for Dany to take over.

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-I loved Arya’s attack on Meryn Fuckin’ Trant. I was hoping when she said “do you know who you are?” That her response would be “Meryn Fuckin’ Trant” then slit his throat. Oh well though, it was still an awesome part. Anyways, it looks like my prediction about Arya was a bit wrong, they did not kick her out, they just blinded her. Again, I really do not know how they will get her story to connect with the rest, unless her story is never going to connect and she is just the remaining Stark child.

-Speaking of Stark children. Good for Sansa! Standing up to the crazy girl. Luckily Theon was there to toss that bitch from a wall. I hope the snow was pretty deep though because I cannot imagine how they would survive that fall. And seriously, does Sansa not know of any places in Winterfell where she could hide? She lived there her entire life. Hell, so did Theon. Get it together you two.stannis-death.0

-I am reading a bunch of rumors that say Stannis is not dead. I really have no clue on that one. He burned his daughter alive and his wife committed suicide. Is there some sort of redemption for the man? Not really. Brienne gets her justice, although not in the way we all hoped. I imagined there being a great sword fight.

Random question for book readers: was Stannis an amazing fighter in the books? He is never mentioned as one of the best, but instead always said to be a great tactician. A brilliant general. I wonder if he was like Ned Stark, one of those guys who does not participate in the silly tournaments because he would never want anyone to know his true skill (or any of his weaknesses…)

-Let me just start by saying that there is no way Jon Snow is dead. Just like in the books. If he is dead, then this series really makes no sense. Melisandre showing up at Castle Black at this moment is pretty much a giveaway that Jon will be resurrected. I feel like in the book though, Jon would be warging in Ghost and his mind would be safe, while the Red Priestess fixes his body. This would allow him to be resurrected as Azor Ahai (yeah, just roll with me here) and would also end his stupid vow to the Night’s Watch (buncha jerks don’t want him anyway!). Once he is free from all that stuff, he could take his rightful place next to Daenerys.jon-snow-dead

I feel like having the ability to warg is something that would be useful with dragons. Maybe though the dragonriders cannot fully take control of a dragon’s mind, but they sort of meld together to better communicate? That would explain why Drogon and Dany have such a bond. Maybe that is what will happen when Jon Snow meets Viserion or Rhaegal.

People are freaking about Kit Harrington’s comments saying that he will not be back next season. Something tells me that he is right. Kit will not be in season six, mostly because it will focus on more Bran related stuff. As well as Sam stuff in Oldtown. Plus, I think we are going to get more of the Iron Islands next season.

What would be cool is if we open next season with Ghost, roaming the forest, and when you look into his eyes, it cuts to Melisandre and she has a moment of revelation. Boom, HBO hire me to direct next season. I got this for you.