Game of Thrones: The Dance of Dragons

game-of-thrones-the-dance-of-dragons_article_story_largeHoly crap, what an awesome episode. This easily could have been the season finale, but instead we have one more episode and you have to figure that something big is going to happen. So many things happened during the episode, but there are two that I really want to talk about, but first allow me to mention the other stuff.

Most people are saying how the Dorne storyline was a little boring and while I definitely agree that it was not really the most action packed (and yes, the Sand Snake battle with Bronn and Jaime was weak), it still had some value. We get to see Prince Doran and you can tell there is definitely more to him than just wanting peace with Lannisters. Why else would he be so adamant on having Trystane on the Small Council?

Also, will Ellaria obey the Prince or will she make a last ditch effort to kill Myrcella? I have a feeling that we will get to see Areo Hotah in action next week. Although it was awesome seeing him hit Bronn.bronn-gets-hit-in-the-face

Her story may have been the weakest. She follows Meryn Fuckin’ Trant into a brothel, where no one thinks it is weird that a young girl is there selling oysters. She sees that he has a taste for very young girls. She heads back to the temple and lies to Jaqen (is it really him though, or is that just one of the faces the Master of the Temple wears? In the books we are led to believe that Jaqen is in Oldtown (right?).

I am guessing that she will shirk her duties on killing the Thin Man and head back to the brothel and pose as one of the girls, who will obviously be chosen by Trant, where she will get the chance to cross him off the list. The Master will be upset and will kick her out of the Temple and she will find a way back to Westeros (maybe hitching a ride with Mace Tyrell pretending to be a singer, who knows).  It is upsetting that she will lose this opportunity to become a Faceless Man, but I suppose it makes sense. I am sure the training would take many years and when it was over, she would have no desire to seek revenge. Now at least, she has learned a few things that could make her dangerous.

The Wall
I was actually nervous that Ser Thorne would not open the gates to allow Jon Snow and the Wildlings through. He did open up though and then he made the comment to Jon that he has a good heart, but that it will probably get all of them killed at some point. If you are not a book reader, you should probably stop reading this and move on to the next part.

Okay, are the non-bookies gone? Instead of there being a massive plot to kill Jon inside the Night’s Watch, I think that Olly is going to stab him. Probably be one of the ways they end the show next week. Jon bleeding in the woods and either being saved by Melisandre or he wargs Ghost and uses him somehow for help.

shireen deathWelcome back non-book folks! You remember how everyone in the world thought Stannis was this awesome guy and he would probably be a great choice to be the king? How are you feeling about that decision now? He burnt his daughter alive! The man is a monster. I mean, you knew it was coming the entire time, especially when Davos gives her a gift and she says that he can read the story when he comes back. And yet, I just kept hoping that something would happen, like Stannis would have a change of heart and send her with Davos, then the battle against the Boltons would be lost and Melisandre would be like “see, your lack of faith is what caused us to lose.”

Speaking of Ramsay…how did twenty guys manage to sneak into the entire camp and do that much damage? I would have been fine with a line from Davos saying “another attack my lord, we think it is a small group, maybe twenty or so. They are attacking the supply wagons.” Although then you lose out on the image of a horse on fire. At this point, I am hoping that Stannis and his army defeat Ramsay, but then the king finds himself in front of Brienne and she cuts him in half.

Fighting Pit
There was so much awesomeness during this entire scene.

-Daario and Dany’s future husband debating who to bet on in the first fight was pretty funny. Especially when Daario’s guy lost. However, Tyrion ended up proving why he is such a great character (especially when he is not lamenting about how terrible life is and all that other crap) by winning the argument about fighting and making the guy look kind of stupid.headless.0

-Jorah is pretty badass, although the Braavosi Water Dancer was about to kill him and then is killed by a spear. I never felt like Jorah was that good in the books, but maybe during his time away from Westeros he improved. Or maybe it is his love for Dany. The spear throw to take out the assassin was great.

-The attack from the Sons of Harpies (SOH) was cool, but a little silly. Dany did not think to have security checking people as they came into the arena for knives and masks? Also, after you kill a bunch of them, how is it that no one removes the masks and says “oh, I know these guys, they are friends with Larry and Tom, we should go see if they are SOH too.” Then after you torture them, you start to find out who all the members are. Jack Bauer would have solved this SOH problem in like 42 minutes.

-Also, at this point I would say that Dany got screwed on that Unsullied deal. I do not care if they are not used to fighting in the streets or whatever. If a bunch of average citizens wearing masks and wielding daggers can attack you while wearing armor and forming up ranks, then you are not an elite fighting force.

-But no matter how stupid some of the stuff may have been, it was all trumped when we see Drogon show up and light people on fire. And then eat a few bad guys. Just imagine how scary he will be when he is full grown. I am guessing next week we will see Drogon and Dany landing somewhere and running into something unexpected (and possibly needed…)SOH on fire






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  1. Regarding something big happening in the finale – I don’t think that has ever happened in any season. The finales are usually a let down compared to the penultimate episode.

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