Lovin’ the Caulk

We have a few spots in our shower that need a little caulk. You would think someone like me could handle some caulk, but you would be mistaken. You need the perfect touch when inserting caulk. No one wants to just slap it on all haphazardly and end up with caulk dripping all over the tub. Caulk

Alright, I will try to be a little more mature from here on out. For some reason I assumed that caulking a shower would be pretty easy. I mean, you just squirt and rub, right? Sorry, I could not resist. Well for me, nothing is ever easy. I have a caulk gun and I used it before during the paint stuff.

I tried to take out the tube in order to put in the bathroom one, but for some reason I could not figure out how to get the damn thing out. I actually had to look up a video on YouTube (that is so embarrassing to admit, but whatever). Once I got the tubes switched, I cut the tip off. For some reason, this one had an inner tip that also needed to be cut. Do you think I could get that cut? Nope, I had to use a nail and a hammer. Once the hole was open, I was able to get started.

My first attempt came out a little messy. Plus, I forgot to bring a towel, so I was covered in caulk. Just my hands! It was not something horrible like…well I will just stop here (seriously, these jokes cannot stop). I did alright with the next couple areas, but then I moved to the area near the spigot.

Ugh, what a mess. I thought that I dried the area pretty well, but I was wrong. My bead of caulk kept coming up and making a mess all over. I went through a few towels trying to clean up my mess. It took a bit, but after awhile I finally got it.

I know I said I was done with the caulk jokes, but I have to share my immaturity while shopping at Home Depot. Naturally Lindsey was embarrassed, although I am sure the Home Depot people have heard these a million times.

Me: What kind of caulk do you want? White caulk or black caulk? I am not sure if you can handle the black caulk.

Lindsey: Shut up!

Me: Do we need lots of caulk or do you think one caulk is enough? Do they have different sizes of caulk? We probably need large caulk.

Lindsey: Please stop or I will leave you here.

Me: You will leave me here with my caulk in my hand?

Lindsey: UGH!

Yes, I am a child.

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