Old Fashioned

Mine did not really look like this...
Mine did not really look like this…

Remember how I wanted to start trying different drinks that I see on some of my favorite TV shows? Well I finally had the opportunity to order an Old Fashioned…wait, I should probably back up.

Two weekends ago, Lindsey and I went out for dinner at Pour with Kayla and Adam2. They have an alcohol list and Adam2 ordered one of the bourbons, the waiter assumed we were poor vagabonds and commented how expensive it was like twice. It was a whopping $7 per glass, not even close to the most expensive stuff on the menu. Adam2 gave me a taste and I did my typical shudder and spasm. Despite him telling me it was super smooth, I could not really take it.

After a long day of setting up for the bridal shower,  Lindsey’s family and I went to Everyday’s Gourmet for dinner. This also gave her family the chance to come over and check out our house (which they all loved). Anyways, at EG, I ordered a beer and when I was finished, I looked at the drink menu and wanted something different. I keep saying that I am going to try an Old Fashioned and Adam2 was like “yeah, you should get it, it is sweet, you will like it.”

So…I ordered it. I took a drink and made the same face I always make when drinking liquor. I tried to drink it, but it was just too disgusting for me, so I gave it to Adam2, who liked it, but said that it tasted like it was made wrong. He thought maybe they forgot the sugar. So he is urging me to not give up.

I will give it another shot (haha, pun intended), but honestly maybe I am just not cut out to drink the hard stuff. I mean, maybe I really am a pussy who can only drink light beer with my super refined palette.

4 thoughts on “Old Fashioned

  1. Every restaurant I’ve ever visited makes Old Fashioneds that are garbage. Make it at home with agave instead of sugar, and use a good long orange peel. Maybe a cherry.

      1. You’ll want to find the proportions you like best. Similar to coffee. You might like more sugar or more bitters than I do.

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