The Saga of an Air Conditioner

AC UnitLong ago, there was a man. A man who did something incredibly stupid. He attempted to defeat the evil machine, known as The Unit. At first glance, The Unit seemed like a simple thing. There were many of it’s kind, but upon closer examination The Unit proved itself to be quite special.

For starters, The Unit is larger than most of it’s contemporaries. Large enough to cool a sweltering 1000 square feet, spitting out 18,000 BTUs, The Unit is not something to be trifled with, and The Unit is quite aware of it’s power. To begin with, The Unit came with an ancient spellbook, which was poorly translated by the old monks who kept The Unit’s knowledge for themselves. You see, they never understood The Unit, they assumed those mighty BTUs could be tamed. They were fools.

The book instructed the man to remove The Unit’s glowing crystal matrix from it’s indestructible outer shell. The man was to be careful with his placement of the shell though because one false move could anger The Unit, awaken it from it’s peaceful slumber.

The man did as he was instructed and made sure to give The Unit’s shell a proper shrine. A place where the beautiful, but powerful bringer of cold air could relax in harmony with it’s surroundings. Then came the problem. The glowing crystal matrix did not want to return to the constricting shell. The Unit was alive and rebelling! The man was in fear, he did not know what to do and the ancient spellbook was of no help. The Unit began to fight back, spinning it’s powerful air-giver, but not using the crystal matrix, this could cause The Unit to implode, bringing catastrophic consequences for the man…

Okay, enough of this nonsense. Do you people understand what I am talking about here?

I tried to put an air conditioner into our dining room window. Well, the thing was huge and it recommended installing the frame, then sliding the unit inside. With Lindsey’s help, we had the entire thing done in almost no time. Then she went upstairs and when I tried to put the cover back on the AC Unit, it would not snap together.

I quickly realized the problem: the unit was not all the way inside the frame. So I did what anyone would do–I yelled for Lindsey and had her help me out gave it a push and when nothing happened, I pushed a little harder, you can guess what happened next. Oh wait, you cannot figure it out? Well I pushed too hard and the damn thing flew out the window.

The tumble outside caused the frame some major damage, as well as the internal pieces. We gave it to Lindsey’s mom, who had a friend who could look at it. He was able to fix it and Tip came over to help me install it. Unfortunately the brackets that help support the AC Unit’s weight against the house broke during the fall and we had to use some boards to support some of that monstrous weight.

It works fine and from this whole ordeal I learned a valuable lesson…