ID4 Silliness

ID4Do you remember the movie, Independence Day? Of course you do! It was probably one of the finest Bill Pullman/Will Smith/Jeff Goldblum films ever. As I watched it though, I noticed some really dumb stuff and figured I would share.

-When the aliens first arrive, Will Smith is just waking up and he goes out to get the paper, where he notices everyone packing cars and after a few confused seconds, he finally looks up and sees the alien spaceship. Jasmine comes up and is also oblivious.

-And then we get the next idiotic scene. The Fresh Prince is putting on his uniform and Jasmine is upset that he is going in to work. I could see if he was an accountant at Tilton & Radomski, then he could probably call in sick for the day. However, he is a Marine Pilot, when aliens go to war with our planet, you do not get the weekend off. I mean seriously, she is so pissed “but it’s your weekend off!” I can understand being worried about him, but it definitely does not come off that way.

-Is Will Smith’s call sign “Big Daddy”? That is a terrible call sign. Also, I am pretty sure his pal Harry Connick Jr. had a little thing for him. I love how they are being briefed on the mission and these two are goofing off. If I was their boss, I would make them stay behind and clean the bathrooms.

-“They have some kind of protective shield around the hull.” No shit! You never watched any science fiction film ever? You just figured they would come to this planet and not have shields? A few sidewinder missiles would bring down a 15 KM ship. Get fuckin’ real!

Speaking of alien technology…

-What was up with their energy pulse laser weapon? They never found a weapon that could take out an entire city fairly easily? Also, why blast down on the White House? Every other city, they just blast into the largest building, but in DC they just blast the White House. There are no buildings higher than that? I am too lazy to look it up, but I can promise you there are taller buildings.

-I honestly think the plan should have been to hide all the surviving humans. Then when the alien ground troops land, just let everyone come out of hiding to punch them in their bio-mechanical suits. Will Smith just punches one in the face then says “Welcome to Earff” and that knocks the damn thing out. Imagine if a regular guy could knock out Iron Man by punching him in the helmet?

-When Jasmine finds the First Lady she is on the ground with something on top of her. I never really understood if it was supposed to seem like she was pinned underneath something.Yet whatever it was weighed like two pounds. Or was the First Lady using it as a blanket?

-Major Mitchell should have wore a stupid hat…Firefly-Jayne-Hat

-How would Jeff Goldblum’s virus even work in an alien computer? It is hard enough to make a PC virus work on a Mac (I think that is true). I guess it is true, life will find a way…see what I did there? Virus, life, Jeff Goldblum, Jurassic Park. You get it? Not funny? Tough crowd.

-The aliens come here to strip our planet of natural resources. Which ones? Why go to all this trouble when there are tons of other planets out there. Or did we not know about exoplanets yet? Say for example they were looking for water, we speculate that there is water on numerous other worlds in different forms. It would probably be easier to just get it there. Or maybe they want gold or something, but again, there are easier ways…

-The aliens did not notice that one of their ships that was missing for the past forty years just magically returned to the home base?

-I really wish Vader would have launched and been like “I’m on the leader.” And then blown up the President. That would have been awesome.

Even after all of those stupid things that I mocked and laughed at, I still ended up staying awake until almost 2:00 a.m. watching this classic movie.

4 thoughts on “ID4 Silliness

  1. Aww hell naw! Thanks for mentioning the stupidity of Will Smith punching out a giant alien THROUGH his body armor or exoskeleton or whatever.

    And the virus…! What the hell is that written in to run on alien computers? Is there a Java exploit Goldblum is taking advantage of? Maybe it’s like War of the Worlds, and the aliens don’t have an immunity to the Nigerian prince spam.

    1. I love the movie as well. But come on, why have an exosuit at all if it can’t take a punch from a normal human. That suit should be pumping whatever adrenaline-esque chemical those aliens had into that things bloodstream in order to keep it amped up. The suit probably has some cool healing tech built in…

      Trust me, this is my same gripe with age of ultron. How good is this army of robots if Hawkeye is able to bring dowm like 500 of them with his bow, or Black Widow with a pistol (same goes for the Chitauri).

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