Golf Cart Silliness

cartI went golfing the other day with Jason at Blue Knob. It was my first time out this year and honestly, I did not play too terrible. I guess that is a good thing, right?

I noticed something odd though. For us to play 18 with a cart, it was $23 (they charge $21 for 9, umm, okay).

Jason and his friend Ron rode in one cart and I had my own. I started thinking about the price. Why did those two have to pay the same price as me to rent a golf cart?

Shouldn’t the cart rental be a separate price? Like charge $13 for greens fees and then $8 to rent a cart, but then Jason and Ron would split it and only pay $4 each. They only got one cart so why should they pay the same price as me who is all alone.

This reminds me of those places that add a plate sharing fee when you decide to split a meal. They are making the same amount of food, why charge more?

Alright, my little rant is over. Go about your business.