The Dreaming Void

The Dreaming VoidI tried reading this awhile back, but kept getting sidetracked, you know with moving and some other stuff. I decided to listen to the audiobook. I am glad I did, although I wish I had started with Commonwealth Saga first since some of the characters in this are mentioned.

One thing I want to complain about is the way that Hamilton views society’s future. When I first read the Night’s Dawn Trilogy, I enjoyed how the super rich still controlled things, but then it was something similar in The Great North Road. And then I read this book and it was the same thing. The super rich people control everything and there is nothing anyone can do about it. You would think he would take a different route at some point. You know, over the next few thousand years, I would hope that society would evolve past capitalist limitations. Only reason people do things are for money and power? I really hope not.

Aside from that little quibble, I really did enjoy the book. I loved how it was split between what was happening inside the Void (which it took me awhile to realize that those were Inigo’s dreams) and what was happening in the outside. The stuff happening with Edeard is probably my favorite. Also, I am really intrigued by Aaron. It will be disappointing to find out that Aaron is some other character from the Commonwealth Saga, that would have no real meaning for me. I keep thinking that maybe he is somehow connected to Edeard. I hope that ends up being true.

Once I finish this series, I may go back and read the Commonwealth Saga or maybe I will just read the wikipedia entry on the whole thing. Any thoughts?