The Temporal Void

The Temporal VoidI finished this one the other night and have to say that I was actually a little upset that it was over. I read a bunch of reviews and I guess how you feel about this book depends on how you feel about Edeard’s story. I loved his story, so I think that is why I liked this book.

Here are a few of my predictions:

-The Edeard story is basically over. Or is it? Remember, Inigo said he had a dream that comes after his final dream. I am guessing that he is going to realize that the ability to reset time and change things to his benefit might not be the best thing. Or maybe to find fulfillment to the rest of the people, he will extend that gift to everyone.

Sidenote: I figured that Mayor Owen had something to do with bad guys. He just seemed to shady when he came to Edeard and wanted him to support his One-Nation idea.

-Speaking of inside the Void, I really thought for sure the people on Querencia would have come from the Pilgrimage. Like the people trying to break in, who are members of Living Dream are actually the direct ancestors of the people on Querencia. Does that make sense? We know that physics do not really work right there. Justine has been there for a few days, but for her it has been a few years. Maybe time is irrelevant there, maybe however the Living Dream ships get there, or whichever SkyLord lets them in, also rips a hole in the pattern of time. Hmm, temporal void…

-So what is the Accelerator faction trying to achieve? I think their goal is to recreate the Void and use that power to harness their post-physical state.

I look forward to the final book, but honestly, this series has not been nearly as good as his other books I have read.