Trailers for New Comic Book Shows & Movies

Here are a bunch of the trailers that were released at SDCC and my thoughts about them.

So everyone is hating on this movie. I am going to say that it looks interesting. It could very easily be terrible, but then again, it could also be surprisingly cool. I will be cautiously optimistic.

Again, cautious optimism is how I would describe my feelings after seeing this trailer. I know a ton of people want this to fail so that maybe Fox will come to an agreement with Marvel like Sony did with Spider-Man. I still think they should have kept Michael Chiklis as the Thing.

Not really a complete trailer, but the ending has some stuff about the new CW show. I am excited for it. CW is really doing a great job with these shows. Speaking of the CW…

I also love this idea for them. Add different characters to the universe via cartoons that may be too hard to do live-action.

Finally we have the big one. I liked Man of Steel and that probably puts me in the minority. I am excited for it. I am hoping the plot is not nearly as convoluted as it seems in the trailer, but I have faith in Snyder.

2 thoughts on “Trailers for New Comic Book Shows & Movies

  1. DC stuff. Sigh. Aside from the Flash, it all looks like garbage. Especially the Superman/Batman thing. Fantastic Four – I know it’s not DC, but all the movies have been way subpar. I am not hopeful.

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