Under the Dome: Episode 303

S3E3-main-reduxI really thought we were done with this show, but after we got caught up with Royal Pains, Lindsey says “hey, we should watch Under the Dome!” And I groaned and then hit play.

-We did learn a little bit about the new characters. Eva and Christine were anthropologists together and they were hired by Action to find the egg. Christine and Melanie are also on the Dome’s team. Christine explains that since Melanie died after finding the egg, that is why Christine is the Queen.

So I am guessing the Dome/Egg are some kind of Alien thing. The aliens must be insect-like with a hive mind. My prediction is the Dome is to help them get an entire town under their power and then they will release their drones upon the rest of the world for domination.

-Why do characters always want to have relationship conversations at the weirdest times. Julia wants to discuss Eva and Barbie’s love while they are looking for psychopath Melanie down in a creepy cave full of hatched cocoons.

-I actually like the idea of everyone having to deal with coming back to the dome since in the fake reality they were free and things were different. Instead though, it looks like we are getting something like that one season of True Blood with Maryanne.

Seriously, someone needs to rescue me from having to watch this show…