Under the Dome: Episodes 301 & 302

barbie ahhhhhhHOLY SHIT! I completely forgot about this show. I apologize to the two people dying to know what I thought about the season three premiere.

I honestly did not pay attention to much of the super long episode (they should really just make it like 15 minutes long each week, all we really want to see is the stuff at the beginning and end of each episode). It started out confusing right from the start. The town goes through the wall with Melanie and Barbie finds himself in some weird white room. And he is still using his flashlight. That was my first hint that this show is still going to be silly.

Then after that Barbie finds himself in Yemen. At first I figured this was like Lost and we were getting a flashback or flash-forward. Then it started to feel like an alternate universe. Or something weird. Barbie and the rest of the people were trapped in some kind of cocoons and I guess this was their Matrix.

So basically here is what happened…this Matrix world is set a year after the Dome came down and Barbie has a new girlfriend. At first Junior is dead in that world, but then he joins up with Barbie, who is starting to realize something is weird.

Melanie gets the egg, but Big Jim and Julia stop her and I think they broke the egg. This causes everyone to come out of the cocoons (yay, everyone is trapped in the Dome again). And by everyone, I mean everyone: Barbie’s new girlfriend, who is not from Chester’s Mills and the weird FEMA trauma therapist (who I am guessing is some avatar of Melanie, since she was everywhere and trying to cure everyone).

Also, how will the show explain that Joe is now like six inches taller than Barbie? They were able to use that one year later excuse in the alternate world. Does this mean that they will remember everything that happened in that world and for some reason Joe grew? Does that mean Barbie and Julia are no longer together? Hmmm, weird.

I promise that next week I will do a better job of paying attention.

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  1. Wait, this show is back? I stopped watching in the middle of last season. I guess I’ll read your recaps to see what’s going on since I’m done with this show

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