The Evolutionary Void

The Evolutionary VoidI am not going to spend too much time on this book. It was such a letdown.

Do not get me wrong, there were some interesting elements, but after awhile, it just seemed so predictable. I never felt like any of the characters were in any kind of danger. And it all just ended with a “yay, we saved the day and now everyone gets exactly what they want.”

I did enjoy the reveal of the Void. How it was build by the first sentient species in the galaxy, but after so many years of sucking in other species, it lost it’s way. Or the overall mind become jumbled with what fulfillment means.

Also, the big secret about the city actually being the Raiel ship that ended up in the Void millennia ago was not all that spectacular. The first description of High Angel reminded me of Edeard’s first impression of the city.

Another thing that bothered me was the revelation of the Lady’s identity. I guess it was not a huge deal for me since I did not read the first series, but I was really hoping for some crazy mind-blowing reveal. Like Justine would turn out to be the Lady and the ships that Edeard talks about crashing onto the planet would actually be the Pilgrimage ships. Hey, I do not have an explanation as to how it could happen, but whatever, it would have been cool.

I don’t know, I was bored with this book and even with the series in general.