Windows 10

Windows 10I qualified for the free upgrade to Windows 10. I think everyone in the world did as well, right? So obviously I am not unique in any way. At first I was not going to upgrade because I assumed it was going to be like Windows 8, which I have used on my mom’s computer and do not really like. I guess I just enjoy Windows 7, which again, probably makes me weird.

I should probably mention that I am not all that computer savvy. Despite what many of you might think. I mean, I can do just enough stuff to be more advanced than say a 70 year old woman. I can usually troubleshoot most problems that I run into and when something major happens, I have the good sense to know how to look for a solution (or just take it to someone else). I also really only use my computer for browsing the web, writing this fantastic blog (which many of you read on a daily basis, not just Mom), and some random Office stuff.

Clearly I am not really someone who needs to worry too much about my operating system. My laptop is on it’s last leg and Lindsey’s is somehow still limping through life. We have decided to purchase a desktop at some point after the wedding. I figured upgrading to Windows 10 now would be a good opportunity for me to get acclimated to it when I get the new desktop.

I have not had a chance to play around with it yet, but it looks pretty nice. For those of you that have been using it for awhile, what should I know? What are the good features, what are the bad?