The Dinosaur Lords

The Dinosaur LordsCan you imagine me going to the beach without taking a book to read? Me neither. Oddly though, when we went to find one, none of my normal writers had anything new out that I wanted to read. So after a few minutes looking at all the new releases, I decided to go with The Dinosaur Lords by Victor Milan, mainly because George R.R.Martin had great things to say about it. And he was correct, it really does feel like Jurassic Park mixed with Game of Thrones.

The coolest thing about the book, aside from the great storytelling and characters, is how the world seems to be so close to our own. They speak similar languages to us, the dinosaurs have true names (which come from a book that lists their scientific name), and the histories talk about the creators making this place as a paradise. My guess is that we must have colonized some planet and maybe started a fun experiment, people and dinosaurs together to see what would happen? It seems like the Gray Angels are some kind of super powered protectors who keep the people at a certain level.

I wonder if this will ever come about or if that is just something we get to speculate on. Anyways, I am looking forward to the next book, which will not be out for a few years so I have some time. I highly recommend picking this one up. Maybe after the next book I will do a casting call (I have not done one of those in a long time).