The Goddamn Batman

2860554-all_star_batman_by_jim_lee_by_ink2paper916_d2xh9vfI saw a news story over at Nerdist saying Jim Lee wants to finish All-Star Batman & Robin and Lee says that Frank Miller has a great ending and the perfect ending scene. That scares the living hell out of me. It also blew my mind that it has been ten years since that comic first came out. How crazy is that? Ten years of Goddamn Batman jokes…

For those that do not know what I am talking about, here is the quick backstory (I am going from memory, no wikipedia for this guy): Marvel was having tons of success with their Ultimate line and DC wanted something similar, but they did not want to just copy them. So they came up with the All-Star line. This would be a story that was more modern, but at the same time would capture the essence of the character. Naturally they started with Superman and Batman.

All-Star Superman quickly became one of the greatest Superman stories ever told. Grant Morrison found a way to capture the fun and silliness of the Silver Age and yet not make it seem ridiculous, plus the comic had more emotion than probably the last fifty Superman stories combined.goddamn_batman

Then there was ASBR. Frank Miller and Jim Lee! Talk about an all-star combination. It started off pretty good, Batman was much newer at the job and was very raw. Then came his introduction to Robin. As you can tell from the panel, this was not something you ever expected to hear Batman say to someone, specifically a boy who just lost his parents. And it just kept getting better, he told Robin to eat a rat, he banged Black Canary on a motorcycle, and he constantly referred to himself as the Goddamn Batman. It was almost like a parody, or something.

One of the last issues I remember though was pretty cool. Batman and Robin lure Green Lantern into a trap. They have the entire room and themselves painted yellow and they take his ring. Then Batman allows Robin to beat the crap out of him. It was pretty messed up and to be fair, I do not remember much of the plot.

Anyways, the one part that really intrigued me about the article was Lee saying:

“I would love to get back on [All Star Batman & Robin] and close it out. [Frank Miller has] got a great ending to the story and a really cool final scene that was described to me that is just classic.”

What could this final scene be that would make it a classic? Here are a few of my guesses:

-The Goddamn Batman taking a dump on a defeated Superman.
-The Goddamn Batman murdering the Joker with an ax.-The Goddamn Batman revealing himself to actually be the Joker!
-Nightwing wakes up next to Starfire and says “whoa, I just had the craziest dream.”nightwing-starefire1I mean seriously, what are some more guesses to this almost iconic imaginary ending that Frank Miller had planned?

2 thoughts on “The Goddamn Batman

  1. Wow. So forgot about GDB feeding Dick a rat.

    Isn’t Frank Miller a right wing extremist or something now (basing this on the rumored original idea for Holy Terror)? Maybe it could end with GDB blowing up the White House with a rocket launcher and getting an eagle air brushed on the hood of the Goddamn Batmobile.

    “What are you, retarded or something? This is goddamn America.”

    1. Oh yeah, that would totally be the classic ending Miller would have in mind. Plus that scene would only take Jim Lee about ten more years to finish…

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