Comcast Sucks!

xfinityI finally had a Sunday off when the Steelers were playing. I was excited by this because it always seems like when I am off, they either play Thursday or Monday.

The plan for today was to sit down around noon and watch the pregame shows and make sure all my fantasy players were healthy. We came back from breakfast and did some cleaning laundry. Then at noon, I turned on the television. I was greeted with an odd site.

There was an error message saying we needed to call Comcast and speak to someone from billing. Our bill was just paid, but we have been having some issues. It seems like we keep getting double billed, or we get a credit. The last bill we received said we owed -$131.60.

I looked over the bill and realized the problem. For some reason we were still getting a bill for our old apartment. The account numbers were different. So I called and explained to the guy the situation, he understands and realizes the error. He fixes it and says that the screen should unlock in a few minutes (this will be a theme).

After thirty minutes, the screen never changed.

comcast errorAfter thirty minutes, I decided to call back. The woman I speak to has no clue what I am talking about, and she keeps saying that there is no record of a previous call. So I have to explain the entire situation again and go through all of the crap before she says “okay, it looks like we have everything fixed on our end, but it looks like the box is not responding. I will have someone from tech support take a look at it. Unfortunately they are all busy at the moment, but it should only be a minute.”

Twenty-seven minutes later, I finally get the guy from tech support. I was on the phone with him for over an hour and in the end this was his solution:

game on tabletYep, he suggested that I watch television on my tablet. He was nice, but he said that he had to “kick this up to the guys in support and it will take at least an hour before they can get to it.” It must have taken a bit longer though, since we watched the entire game on my tablet, then we left the house at 5:00 p.m. and it was still not working. When we came home at 8:00, it was on, so who knows when they got it.

The most annoying thing about the entire situation was everyone from Comcast saying “we should have this up in a second” or “this will only take a minute” or even “I just need to put you on hold for about five minutes.” I hate when people lie about time. If it will take fifteen minutes, just say that, do not say it will take a minute. I was about ready to scream at the guy when he kept saying that it would only take a second to reboot the system. The XFINITY X1 box takes like five minutes to boot up. HE KNOWS THIS!

Okay, that was probably not the most annoying. The most annoying thing was having to watch the Steelers beat the Cardinals on a tablet while sitting on my couch with my nice, big television sitting there with a stupid error screen. And remember, this is not something that was my fault.

I know what you are thinking “well Josh, you should have paid the bill.” We did. Why the hell would Comcast create another account? It was not like we canceled the service at our old place, we transferred it over. And, we have been paying to that old account every month. So for some reason, they must have been able to figure it out the last few months and just move the money from one account to the other. And now all of a sudden, they do not do this and it looks like our account is past due. Seriously, we owe $131.60 and Comcast owes us $131.60. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out.

Seriously, I hate Comcast and once football season is over, I am probably done with them.

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  1. Comcast sucks. This is why there should be competition in broadband. Britain forces the carriers to allow other providers to use their lines, and prices are like 20% of what we pay.

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