back to the future dayI will discuss my own time-traveling experience tomorrow or whenever I get the chance, you may just have to be patient. Do you remember how last week was the whole Back to the Future day? You know, the date that Marty went to in the future? 10/21/15. That day definitely had me thinking about the movie and some of the paradoxes in the movies.

Most people know about the multiple Deloreans. But what about the problem with Marty? Think about this for a second. Doc Brown is always so concerned with not messing up the past and that any changes could have grave consequences. In the second film, we also learn that Biff has basically created an alternate timeline. This was a big no-no and the heroes have to go back to 1955 in order to fix everything.

However, at the end of the first movie, when Marty wakes up and sees that his parents are completely different from when he left. He has returned to an alternate 1985. Marty does not know this version of his parents, nor do they know anything about him. How weird will it be when they are telling family stories, like going to Disney for his 10th birthday, but this version of Marty has no recollection because in his 1985, George and Lorraine never took him to Disney.

But that is not even the weirdest thing. Are you ready for this little problem? How did Biff return from 1955? This is one of those times when the movies forget the problem with time-travel. Allow me to explain. In the second film, old man Biff steals the Delorean and travels from 2015 to 1955. He gives the 1955 Biff a copy of the Sports Almanac that Marty threw away. He then gets back in the Delorean heads back to 2015 and leaves the Delorean before Doc and Marty find out he stole it, but he breaks his cane’s head off in the car.

It is a cool scene and all we see is Biff hop in the Delorean, leave, then arrive back a few seconds later. Later in the film, we learn what he was doing while back in 1955. I know what you are thinking:  But Josh, where is the problem.

Well time is the problem. Follow along. 2015 Biff goes back, gives 1955 Biff the almanac. 1955 Biff starts making bets, wins money and creates a dystopian 1985, where he is one of the richest guys in the world or something. Everything would change after that as well, 2015 would not be the same and the old Biff would not just come back to that previous timeline, but instead to the 2015 of the alternate timeline.

Unless of course the Delorean is not really traveling in time, but instead traveling across reality. Or maybe the flux capacitor is just tearing a hole into parallel universes and you can enter any fixed point in that universes time. Does the time machine have some way of knowing how to get itself back to the Prime Universe?

This is why I love time-travel!