Uber, New Fantasy Football, and Samson (of course)

uber-logoI like to stay current with all the latest trends. Obviously. It should come as no surprise that I am discovering Uber now, since none of you have ever heard of it.

Oh wait, everyone has heard of it? It is extremely popular and basically Lindsey and I are the only ones not using it? Hmm, that is crazy.

I actually downloaded the app the other day (I love that app is no longer underlined by my browser as a misspelled word) and contemplated becoming an Uber driver. I mean, if I wanted a part time job to make some extra cash, what else can I really do? Well it turns out that Ebensburg does not have Uber yet. It seems weird that a city would have to have Uber. I mean, all it should take is someone willing to drive and then people to sign in and go “hey, there is a driver in our area, cool.” Is that how it works? I have no clue.

I know what you are thinking, how many people could really need a ride in Ebensburg? Probably not many, but last night as I was sitting here, playing with Samson, I thought, “wow, it is Saturday night, I am sure some people are out at the bars and would love a ride home.” Seems like the best way to minimize drunk driving, right?

In fact, I think I had this idea years ago. I think one night when my brother and some of his friends were walking home from the bar in Philipsburg. I said “wouldn’t it be great if there was a taxi service here. Not really a taxi though, just a group of people who would pick folks up on Friday or Saturday from the bars and you pay them like $10.” My thought was they could just post a number at the bar and say “text me for a ride.” I think the creator of Uber must have been walking behind us that night and just improved upon my idea. I do not think apps were popular yet.

draftkingslogoMy brother told me that he was at a youth football game and that he should have drafted his nephew-in-law (I suppose he would just be his nephew, but I don’t want any of you to think I have kids) in fantasy football since he had a pretty good game.

I made a joke that we should have a pee-wee fantasy league next year. Then I started thinking about it and thought that maybe instead of a year long league, it would make more sense to partner with Draft Kings and have a daily league. Now obviously you would have to limit it to just drafting from one town’s league or something.

Actually, I think it would be cool to either do college football or high school football fantasy leagues. The problem with college (or HS) is that you could take some kid from San Jose State who runs for 500 yards a game against terrible schools. I would limit it. The league would only have 10-12 players and you would draft from the Big Ten only (or for HS, you would only draft from the Laurel Highlands Conference, hey that is where we live! Go Central Cambria!!!!).

There would be some cool things about a league like that, for the Big Ten, there are only 14 teams, so you would have to draft backup QBs for those bye weeks. There would be some serious strategy involved. I might have to think about setting this up. Anyone interested?bath





We gave Samson a bath the other day. He did not seem to mind it too much, I have heard horror stories of people’s dogs freaking out in the tub. He was okay for the most part. He kept trying to climb out, but other than that, he was not too difficult. He did get his revenge though when I took him for a walk…