How the Family Changes

Do you remember 2005? People were excited about the new Star Wars movie, Gwen Stefani was all the rage with Hollaback Girl, and Europe is reeling after a terrorist attack in one of their largest cities. My how things have changed…

Fortunately for my family, things do change. Back in 2005, we took a picture of all the grandchildren and great-grandchildren at my grandparents house on Thanksgiving. We decided to update the picture for 2015.

Thanksgiving 2005I am pretty sure Adam and I were pretty hungover during this picture. Also, I wish someone had mentioned this photo, I would have went for a haircut. My god, I look like Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine, minus all the muscles. It seemed like back then that there were so many of us.

Thanksgiving 2015Look how big the family has grown since then. We did not have Connor, Drew, Tristyn, and Talia. Also, look how big they all are now? Jordynn is like the tallest in the family and she is like 13. Not that it says too much, we are not a very tall family (actually Isaac is probably the tallest of us). Other changes? Well, Adam and I are not hungover. And we are both married. And we are both a bit bigger. Hell, all of us guys are, minus Tim, how did he get skinnier since then?

Another cool thing? Technology. When we took the first picture, I had to have Aunt Lori email it to me. I wanted to frame the photo and give it to Pap & Gram for Christmas. 2005 must have been when I signed up for Facebook, but it took me until Decemer 9th to actually post the picture. Not that it mattered, since no one else in the family had it yet. Now? It was posted in like three seconds and Pap & Gram were instantly tagged, since they have Facebook. That is how time changes.

I wonder how many more changes there will be the next time we take a family photo?