Marvel’s Jessica Jones: Season One

netflix-jessica-jonesI finished Marvel’s Jessica Jones in about two days. These Netflix Marvel shows are just so damn good. This one was probably just a notch below Daredevil, which you may recall that I absolutely loved.luke cage and jessica

The story is pretty much taken from Brian Michael Bendis’ Alias. The interesting thing though is that the show does not need to go far into Jessica’s past. Bendis took a character who was a low-level hero back in the day and decides to give her a new spin. She was traumatized and ends up becoming a private investigator. The show does the same, but Jessica was not really a former superhero, she has powers, but she was just going to try and help people when KIllgrave got to her.

The series follows her as she learns that Killgrave is still alive and he is out to get her. During the course of her investigation we meet some of Jessica’s friends. One of which is Luke Cage, who we learn also has an incredible power: unbreakable skin. In fact, speaking of powers, we never really get a full rundown of Jessica’s. We see multiple times that she is super-strong. She cannot fly, as she puts it “more like jumping and controlled falling.” And we see that she is not invulnerable, since she takes a bullet and gets sliced a few times.

The show did a great job, just as Daredevil, with keeping things street level and yet still having those references to the bigger world. Jessica references the Hulk and Captain America. She even meets up with Night Nurse (Claire), who tells her she has a friend who could possibly help with Killgrave (meaning Daredevil). Speaking of Daredevil, this show also had plenty of violence. Some of the things Killgrave forces people to do was a bit unnerving.kilgrave

I enjoyed everything about the show and I am excited for a Luke Cage series (or do we get an Iron Fist show next?). If I remember correctly, once these individual shows are done, then we will get a Defenders series. And I hope this show gets a second season, which I cannot imagine why it would not. I mean, I have heard that there is just not the material, but they already set up the idea of looking into this IGH that Trish is trying to find and they are connected to Jessica somehow. It only makes sense that we learn how she got her powers and maybe Trish and Jessica can save Simpson in the process.

The other thing I keep hearing is that Jessica Jones does not really have any other villains and that is why a second season would be untenable. However, there are tons of villains out there, so many of those D-List villains that they could take and reinvent.

Hopefully some other people watched this series and would like to chime in with their thoughts.