Samson and the Chewing

Samson ChewingYes, I have always heard horror stories of people getting a puppy and then all of their stuff being destroyed by the puppy. We tried so hard not to allow this to happen, but for some reason Samson finds things to just chew through. Minus his chew toys. He does not chew those.

As you can see in the picture, he is just gnawing away at my old Pirates hat. I gave it to him, so it was not a big deal. However, he also chose to chew on the sheets and tear a hole in them. He also has been going at a pair of Lindsey’s UGG boots (ugh, hahahahaha). She was not too please about that one, but like I tried to explain to her multiple times: if you leave them out, he will chew on them.

The two things that make me most upset are the ottoman and the bathroom rug. I have yelled at him multiple times and tried to stop him when chewing the rug, but at this point it is no use. It is pretty much destroyed. The ottoman is basically my fault. He was laying there chewing and I thought he had a toy, but instead his head was against the corner and he was latched on like a lamprey. Yeah, he has been a bad boy!ottoman