Starbucks Cups Part 2

I was going to rant about this some more, but then I saw that Josh Feuerstein already looked like a complete idiot on CNN. It is funny to me how he kept saying there is a narrative, to which I would say that he is right. There is a false narrative in this country and it is that there is some kind of WAR ON CHRISTMAS!

Also, does it seem like at first he can hear the other guy and is pretending to have audio problems? I am guessing someone at CNN tried to fix the problem, but actually did turn off the sound since he starts having real audio trouble. I would bet money that at his own site he is claiming they were trying to silence him…

Josh FeuersteinIt is funny though that most of the things I have seen on social media today seem to indicate that people are finding this whole “outrage at Starbucks” to be a bit silly. Even many of my religious friends are kind of calling this battle stupid. And yes, I do have religious friends. Okay, maybe not many, but there are a few. I think.

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