2015 Fantasy Baseball Wrap Up and A Look Ahead

As promised, here is my in-depth statistical analysis of the 2015 Fantasy Baseball season. Ryan was our champion and this is by no means a way to try and diminish his accomplishment, but instead just a chance to see how the final results compare with the total numbers. As always, allow me to explain my sophisticated methodology. I take the totals for each category and assign a point value. So if you have the most Runs, that is 10 points, second highest is 9 points, and so on and so forth. I then add them together to get a total. I know, pretty crazy, probably need a masters degree in statistical analysis to understand this stuff.

First we will look at the hitters. If you remember from the mid-season results, Adam2 was the top team and he was pretty dominant back then.HittingsAs you can see, he continued to dominate the hitting categories, but Sean and Pat definitely rose up a good bit. Gideon, Ryan, and I were also pretty equal, but still middle of the pack.


Ryan, Gideon, Offord, and Pat were the dominant pitching leaders. I took a huge step back, definitely traded away too much of my really good pitching. Also though, I wonder how much the final few weeks killed my overall stats. I had some terrible pitching numbers during those weeks.

Overall, it looks like Pat was the top team. How crazy is that? He ends up in sixth place, but third place during the regular season. Ryan was the second best team, which is not shocking. He and Pat had some bad luck during the season with the head-to-head format. You know, having eight saves in a week and losing because the opponent has nine.

Minus my team, most of the teams seem to be pretty much where they should be. What does that tell me about my team? Well I kept saying it in just about every post after the mid-season break. I was getting lucky with wins, lots of 6-5 victories. Need to make sure that does not happen next season.

The 2016 Season
I want to talk about next year. As you know, this is a keeper league. You can keep three guys, I need to know those three by the end of January. Do not worry, I will send everyone a message soon. Also, I am looking at adding two more teams. I have someone in mind, I would just need one more person. Anyone have a suggestion? I would want it to be someone that is willing to be involved each year.

Next, Ryan and Offord suggested making this a live draft. I thought about it, and think it could work. Again, I will send a group message to everyone in order to gauge interest. Here is my thought. We have the draft on a Saturday afternoon, maybe in the middle of March. We do it here at my house. That would mean that myself, Lindsey, Jason, Adam2, Offord, and Ryan would definitely be able to come. That would mean Pat, Gideon, Sean, and Dustin might not want to make the trip (or maybe I am wrong, they are more than welcome). I think we could easily include them via Skype or Facetime or something else. Hell, even just making a phone call. If we would do this, would people be willing to make this a money thing? Ryan keeps saying we should, but I am not 100%. I would like to hear some thoughts on the subject.

And last, but not least, I need some help and opinions on draft order. Since we are a keeper league, it makes sense that Ryan get the last pick in the draft. Should we use the final standings, which would be after the playoffs? Some people just give up though when they are in the consolation bracket and would get a higher draft pick. I do not think that is fair, you need to try and play it out until the final week. So here is my though, what about a lottery? So places 1-4 would be the final four picks. Then the rest of the people would be entered into a lottery, but if you won your final week, you get a second entry. For example, since Sean beat Pat for fifth, he gets two entries, but Pat only gets one. Does that make sense? Does that make it more worthwhile for everyone to play it out until the last moment?

That leads me to another problem, what about if we get two more people? I think they should also just be entered into the lottery with one entry each. Now, if you are not keeping exactly three, then maybe have a lottery for each opening round. That makes it more fair than saying that expansion teams get the first pick. Does this all make sense? Or am I just rambling incoherently at this point.