2015 NFL Pick ‘Em Week 15 and Fantasy Football Week 14

Well the top three, Jason, myself, and Adam did not gain on each other since we all guessed nine correctly. We were not the best though, that was Adam2, Sean, and Gideon. They each nailed eleven correct. Good job guys! It is not impossible for you three to catch us. Not likely, but not impossible. Lindsey has given up since she missed an entire week.

Week 15

I honestly cannot remember the last time I beat Ryan in the playoffs at any fantasy sport. Seriously, I could try and look it up, but it might be as far back as 2011 or something. Actually, I cannot find anywhere that I beat Ryan in the playoffs. So I guess this is a joyous occasion.

Week 14

So what is happening in the playoffs? I am taking on Offord while Jim goes up against Jessica. Jim defeated my brother last week. He and Ryan square off this week for fifth place. Over in the consolation bracket, Lindsey and Jason battle it out for eleventh place.