Christmas 2015

Family PhotoThis was our first Christmas with Samson and naturally he pretty much stole the show. I am pretty sure we had to rent a U-Haul to bring all of his presents home. I got a pair of socks.

Okay, I am kidding. I got a bunch of really great stuff. Lindsey’s family got me an automatic car starter. To be fair though, with the winter we are having, I am okay if I never have to use it. If the weather wants to stay in the 60s for the rest of winter, I will not complain.

I also got some clothes: a nice Banana Republic sweater, a Nike long-sleeve workout shirt, and a great Calvin & Hobbes Star Wars shirt. Plus I got some much much needed white undershirts. My brother and his wife got us a wooden stand for our tablet while we are in the kitchen with a “C” on it (you know, for Croyle). At first I did not realize what it was, but once I set it up, I got excited because every time I cook at home, I use my tablet for recipes and it is a pain because it ends up being on the counter, but flat. Now this way, I can just look over at it to see what is next. And yes, I do cook.

Another cool gift was a passport case. At first I thought it was a wallet, but then I realized that it was for my passport. I was hoping that meant someone bought us a trip to an island or something next year, but I guess not. When we were in the Dominican Republic, we used Lindsey’s Kate Spade carrier and well, it was just not very manly. Now I can carry my own and still look like the sophisticated world traveler that I am…

But the season is not just about gifts. Instead it is about the big F word. You know, food. Ugh, I ate so much food. I probably gained twenty pounds. I definitely have to go to the gym tomorrow. Adam2 and I made homemade eggnog with Jefferson’s Bourbon. I had never had eggnog before, but this was pretty damn tasty. I think we will be making it again next year.

Yep, it was a pretty great Christmas.