Dark Tower Casting

A few friends have sent me links to the news article saying that Idris Elba is the front-runner for the role of Roland Deschain in the Dark Tower. I am actually not totally against this idea. I keep thinking of actors who could play Roland and the names I hear mentioned may be able to pull off the look, but I just do not see them as Roland. Oddly enough, Idris Elba may not look like him (does it matter that Roland was a white dude in the books? Not to me.), but I think he has the ability to really pull off the role.

Idris ElbaFirst of all, this was the first picture I found. How many times does Roland sit like that when having a discussion with someone? They constantly comment how Roland seems to have permanent scowl on his face and he never smiles (well he does on occasion). Elba can pull that off. He is just such a commanding presence and I think that he really would be great as Roland.

Also, think about how cool it would be having him and Matthew McConaughey together on screen, with MCConaughey playing the Man in Black at the end of The Gunslinger? Seriously, they could have one of the truly great scenes together. The Man in Black sitting there flipping the deck of Tarot cards and explaining how Roland is really insignificant in the grand scheme of things? Damn, people thought McConaughey’s “time is a flat disc” speech in True Detective was good…

Now I am excited!


2 thoughts on “Dark Tower Casting

    1. Haha, I am listening to the Gunslinger now. They really do not bother me as much as they do you, although a few of them seem a little unnecessary, but the ones where he changed the little things, like saying his father’s name was Roland (which we learn later is wrong). Or that I think at one point Mid-World was supposed to be our planet but in the future, but as the books went on, he dropped that. I think in the Gunslinger there were references to England and other things that would have not made sense with the rest of the books.

      Hey, if Grant Morrison can retcon everything about Batman, then Stephen King can just rewrite his own stuff, haha.

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