Decorating for the Holidays

I did not realize when I posted last year about decorating for Christmas, that it would be the final time decorating in our apartment. I was not really prepared for decorating the new house. I will not even post the outside because I am not happy with it.

One of the problems we face is not having any outdoor receptacles. I think next spring that will be one of the projects. Also, I need a large ladder. I want to be able to hang some lights from a bit higher. Also, I hate icicle lights and yet I allowed Lindsey to talk me into them. Ugh. Next year there will be changes and some better planning.

With that being said, the inside looks pretty great. Here are some pictures:

joy wine area tv standstand

bathroomYep, we even decorate our downstairs bathroom. I say we, but it was all Lindsey. And yes, I realize you just want to see the tree, so here it is:

lit upI think it looks very nice. Wait, what is on the wall? Are those wedding pictures?

the picturesThose are canvas portraits from the wedding. They turned out so well and look great above our fireplace. And before you ask, yes those stocking are new and Samson has his own.big screw

Before I could hang the pictures, I had to remove a screw that was in the exact center, which would have been in the way of the top corner of the big picture. The previous owner of this house must have loved large screws. He used insanely large screws to put in the electrical outlet in the bedroom. And the screw that was there to probably hold a wreath or something was no different. Listen guy, you do not need a three inch lag screw to hold up a picture of a flock of geese.

I hope you like what we have done with the house. Samson tried to help, but naturally without opposable thumbs, it is quite difficult to put up lights.

Samson Lights 2