Game of Thrones: Season 6 Bran


As we pretty much all knew, season six is going to feature Bran and his lessons from the Three-eyed Raven. Also, he will probably eat some Jojen paste, which should be a pretty exciting time for everyone.

Seeing Isaac Hempstead Wright all grown up (I mean, look at him, he definitely does not look like the same little kid we saw in season one), makes me a little nervous for the Dark Tower series. Imagine how much Jake is going to age by the time the movies are finished? I guess that is the decision they (you know, director/producer/casting) has to make: do you cast an older kid as Jake and maybe rewrite the story a bit, or do you just allow the kid to age naturally and just write in some comment from Susannah like “looks like Jake is growin’ up to be a fine young man.”

Oh yeah, we were talking about GOT, not DT. Sorry. Does anyone think we will meet Coldhands in this season or did the show just write him out?

One thought on “Game of Thrones: Season 6 Bran

  1. Hoping for sure that we get to see some Coldhands. Also I am in the group that is hoping they take a chance finding a Jake that can Daniel Radcliff/Potter all the way through the series. Obviously the stories are different time formats, but hope they can find a kid who ages/grows slowly. With the DarkTower series you cant just change the storyline like they did with Walt on LOST for example because Malcolm shot up a foot in a summer or whatever

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