Joshua Feuerstein and Planned Parenthood

I wanted to use the video from Josh’s YouTube page, but he deleted. To be fair, the context of those comments came after the Cecil the Lion stuff. Josh was saying how crazy it is that people want to kill that dentist, but do not care that millions of babies are killed at Planned Parenthood. He then says something like imagine if Planned Parenthood doctors were afraid for their lives because people were going to kill them.

Now, the video above has the guy saying Josh should be arrested, but if you take what he said in the context of the video, he was not inciting people to go after doctors, but it just goes to show that he is a dick.

That being said, I wonder what these people would say if some liberal gun owners (yes, they do exist) decided to stand guard in front of Planned Parenthood. As long as they had their proper carry permits (depending on state laws), there would be nothing the conservatives could say. It would actually be pretty hilarious to watch their heads explode from the conundrum.