Mass Shootings & Prayer

Pray for San BernadinoI keep seeing this or something like it popping up on Facebook. For those of you that live in a cave without the internet, there was another mass shooting (actually there were two mass shootings today).

I feel like after this one though, people may finally be getting  angry enough to try and do something.

Before everyone freaks out at me about how it is our right to have guns, allow me to say that this is generally not what people are saying.

No one is saying “ban all guns and go out take them from everyone.” It is not like hunting will become illegal or something.

I think I have went over this before and if not, well I do not feel like going over it.

Instead, I want to point out how ridiculous the statement in the picture is when it comes to something like this. How the hell is prayer going to help this situation? I love what the Senator from Sandy Hook said today:

Prayer is all well and good, but it will not do anything about laws. The only way to stop these from happening is to demand lawmakers to do something. To actually come to the table and have a discussion. There has to be a solution, and yes I realize that stricter gun laws will not prevent every single shooting, but anything is better than this happening every day. Right?

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