The New Batman v Superman Teaser

I know, none of you are excited for this movie (minus John) and whatever, that makes you all lame. I think it looks awesome.

It seems pretty obvious this is a dream sequence. Probably Bruce’s nightmare that is making him want to get back in the game. The soldiers are wearing Superman symbols and they kneel to the Man of Steel. Obviously that is not how Superman normally behaves. I look forward to seeing how Superman convinces Batman that he is not the evil threat that Bruce fears.

One of the things I love is reading the comments on any of the stories about this movie and how 99.3% (statistic I just made up) of the people are always saying Batman would kick Superman’s ass. Now, most people get that idea from Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns.

In that comic, Batman uses some technology to beat the crap out of Superman (he might use some kryptonite as well). The argument for Batman winning is that he is smart and always has a plan on how to defeat everyone, which is pretty much true. However, allow me to make an argument for Superman (again).

The last time I made this argument, I brought up the time Maxwell Lord used some mind powers on Superman and forced him to attack Batman. Bruce was pretty much not ready for it and Clark thought he was fighting Doomsday. Needless to say, Batman almost died (good thing Wonder Woman came by and did some neck breaking).

Another time was when Poison Ivy mind-controls Superman and he almost kills Batman. The only thing that saves Bruce in that case is that Clark is able to fight the plant that is controlling his mind. Even Bruce admits that if Clark had focused on him, he would be dead.

Yes, if Batman has time to plan, then it is quite possible that he could come up with something to defeat Superman. However, if Superman just decides to kill Batman, there is nothing he is going to do about it. I love using this example, but it is so true: Superman could just high above the clouds, scan Gotham until he finds Batman hoping around some rooftops and then burn him with his heat vision. Just a pile of dust and a cape.

Other comic book series have explored this idea, what would happen if a Superman character just snapped and decided to take out all the heroes.

Sorry, that repeated rant is over.