Blizzard 2016

a pathThis is the post about how much snow we got Friday into Saturday. Instead of just going into the normal blah blah blah and how much snow fell, I will instead talk about how much snow I removed. I think in some of the other posts, I may have mentioned that we have a parking lot.

Well shoveling the snow from the entire parking lot is a bit of a pain. Especially when you wait until the next morning to start the job. At that point the plow trucks had already buried the front of the lot. So I began my work around 8:30 (hey, we had to have breakfast first, I needed my energy!).

Around 10:00, I came in for a drink and to curse about how people are so ridiculous. I told Lindsey how when I was a kid and the Blizzard of 1993 came, I remember Dad finally getting our driveway plowed with the four-wheeler. He then went to the neighbors houses and helped plow their driveways. I was saying to Lindsey that it really pissed me off that the architectural firm near us has their own plow and they used it to clear out their road. They could have sent the guy around the neighborhood to plow a few driveways and whatnot, but nope, they just did their road and that was it.

Anyways, I made a nice dent in it when a guy in a plow truck stops and offers to clear my last little bit for $10. I said “hell yeah!” He cleared it out in like two minutes and it was definitely the best $10 ever spent. Actually he refused at first since it was such an easy job. I convinced him though that he should take it.

Once he was gone, I was able to move our cars and shovel where they had been. That was actually pretty tough because it was more packed in than other areas. It still took me another hour to get it done. When I was finally finished, I started thinking about how much snow I removed and wondered how much it weighed. So, I drew a diagram…Parking LotAllow me to explain. I stepped off the driveway and took a rough guess at what that would equal in feet. It is probably pretty close and if it is off, I would guess on the other end, that it is bigger than I said. For the sake of making life easy, I figured the walkway to the parking lot to be straight. With the addition of the walkway that would be another 373 lbs of snow, so that brings the total to 7690 lbs.  However, the guy plowed almost half, so I will be generous and say that he removed about 4000 lbs, which still leaves over 3500 lbs for me.

I went with 18 inches of snow. It felt like in some areas there was about 15″, but near the road, where the plow dumped snow, there was about 24″ or more. So I figured 18″ was a nice average. Also, everything I looked at said about 5.19 lbs per cubic foot. This is usually for light fluffy snow, which was what most of it was, minus the really hard packed stuff, but I did not want to try and figure that out.

The point of this is that I was wondering why I was so sore when I came in from shoveling. And now I know why.

And to make this post better, here is a video of Samson in the snow!