Dewatering Niagra Falls Again


I recently read that there is a plan to shut down Niagra Falls for a bit in order to repair some bridges. This reminded me of a story my dad used to tell me. He said that when he was a teenager, they lived in Niagra Falls for a time. He said that they would shut the Falls off at night and you could go see it without any water.

I believed him, but when I looked it up, I could never find anywhere that said they shut the water off at night. Then I saw the above article and it made me think about those stories and I saw a mention that they dewatered Niagra Falls back in 1969, which was probably about the time Dad and the family lived up there. Although, if you read this article, it says that they also dewatered in 1966, so at least there are two possible dates for Pap & Gram moving up to such a wonderful place.WaterlessFALLSAnyways, this actually sounds like such a cool thing to check out. I will definitely try to make a trip up there to see it. I wonder what they will find this time? It said last time they found two bodies. Maybe this time they can find something a little cooler. Also, if they find that sweet Oakley hat I had when I was there, I would appreciate it if someone sent it back.sad adam