Drugs & Welfare


I am sure you have seen something like this posted to social media. You know, someone saying that welfare people need to be drug tested. It goes along with the whole idea that only lazy, drug addicts are on welfare. These people believe that if you drug tested people applying for welfare then pretty much no one would get welfare. Well it turns out that those ideas are not really true. The numbers show that it is basically a waste of money to drug test. They only catch a few people and the tests cost more money than they are worth. At least the drug testing companies are making some money!

This got me thinking though. Maybe these people are right. Maybe we should ignore the cost of the drug tests and expand testing to other government programs. Basically, anyone that receives any money via tax money, should probably have to take a drug test…

-Social Security recipients. Sorry retirees, I think you need to get your ass down to Quest Diagnostics and piss in the cup.
-Federal Pell grant. Yep, all of you college kids applying for a Pell grant need to take a drug test. In fact, so do your parents because they probably have to sign some of that paperwork with you. In fact, I think if a college kid is caught with drugs while in college, he/she should have to pay those grants back to the government.
-Unemployment! How is this different from welfare? Test them!!!!
-And hey, while we are wasting tax money, why not drug test all elected officials.
-Basically, anyone that is signing up for any kind of government program or assistance needs to be drug tested. My tax money should not go to some horrible drug addict. Yep, you get a HARP loan, you better be willing to piss in a cup.

Do you see the ridiculousness yet?