Heroes Reborn

heroes-rebornI finally got around to watching the final episode of Heroes Reborn. I really wish I could say that it was great. Hell, I would like to say that it was really good. Instead, it was just meh.

Allow me a second to just give a quick synopsis of the plot. Claire showed the world about her power and these special humans (EVOS) are now coming out all over the world. They are about to have a big celebration in Odessa, TX when a bomb goes off and people blame the EVOS. We flash-forward a year and the EVOS are being hunted. With some new characters and some old, we dig deep into what happened and why.

Okay, now comes the spoilers. We follow our old friend Noah Bennett (HRG) as he recovers his memories. There are other characters as well. It turns out that Claire was pregnant when she died in the explosion. HRG splits the children up because Angela has a vision that the kids are important. Hiro takes the kids back in time, but then loses his power (one of the kids is like Peter and absorbs Hiro’s power). There is a bunch of time-travel and we learn that the character Tommy is actually Claire’s kid. He and his sister are the key to stopping a solar flare.

The whole thing was a little ridiculous.And yet it was still nice to see the characters that we all loved. I do not think they will ever be able to recapture the magic from season one. I think what made it great was the whole trying to figure out what caused the powers and what it all meant. Plus the characters were fantastic and it had an excellent mysterious villain.

I did enjoy the way the season ended though. Tommy and his sister each find a Tarot card. Angela tells them that it looks like their father is looking for them and no one will be able to stop him. This is interesting to me since how would he know that Tommy and Malina were raised in the past? Oh yeah and who could this mysterious father be?