I Have Skills

sewing jobOne of Samson’s favorite activities is digging the comforter on our bed. In fact, he was getting so bad with the digging and chewing that we had to put our really expensive comforter away. It is a shame since it is a nice warm down comforter. We bought another non-down comforter (I think Lindsey got it from Target and it is the exact same one my brother has, I kid you not) and within a few weeks Samson decided to chew a nice hole in it. And then he started pulling the stuffing out.

So I had a brilliant idea. I thought to myself: “I can fix this!” I took Home Economics in high school, I learned how to sew. I told Lindsey my plan and she said “cool, give it a shot.” I had her buy some gray material and thread and I was going to sew a patch. And after two seconds of trying to sew a patch, I realized something…I had no freakin’ clue what I was doing.

So instead of sewing a patch, I decided to pretend I was a surgeon and I basically stitched the torn pieces together.

It looks like it has a nasty scar and to be fair, I am okay with it. Looks kind of badass.