Lindsey bought me a Batman puzzle for Christmas. I love puzzles. Unfortunately, I have not really had anywhere to put one together the last few years in our apartment. Now though, in our own home, I could set one up in the dining room. I bought a three part poster board so that if it took me a long time, I could move the puzzle upstairs if someone was coming over.

Fortunately though, it only took me a few days. I started on the day after Christmas when I came home from work, this was how far I made it.


I started with the edge, which is pretty much what everyone does. Then I started with the different colors. Allow me to explain. I just started taking all of the colors that were unique to one section, such as the odd green in the upper left, or the giant yellow Bat-symbol up top. Once those came together, then the bottom part started falling into place.

Almost DoneOnce the bottom was finished, I worked my way up. The cape and the boots were the next parts, since they were a unique blue, plus most of them have a black edge mixed with blue. Once all of that was finished came the hardest part. The gray. So much of the gray was just solid gray pieces and eventually I just had to make different piles of pieces and try each one in all of the possible spots. FinishedI finished it on New Year’s Eve, so it only took me about five days. I look forward to my next puzzle.