Rewatching Lost

lost-season11I finally convinced Lindsey to sit down and watch Lost. We are halfway through the first season. It is hard for me to watch it with her because I just want to answer all of her questions. I have actually caught myself giving some things away, nothing major, but when Sawyer makes a joke, I might say something like “oh that’s Sawyer being Sawyer.” A clever girl would go: “obviously this Sawyer guy must be important since Josh likes him.”

One of my favorite early episodes was the one with Locke. It was really sad the way people treated him. I cannot imagine actually having a boss who makes fun of a guy for being in a wheelchair. Also, the story of Charlie was pretty damn good. It is cool because while watching this, I am also listening to The Drawing of the Three and it seems the creators of Lost must have been fans (I know that Abrams is a fan of King). Charlie’s heroin addiction is very similar to Eddie’s.

There are also some early parts where it actually ties well into the final few seasons. When Locke teaches Walt how to play backgammon, he holds up the two pieces, black & white and says that the game is a struggle between the two. Yes, I realize that a billion people have already posted hundreds of memes about this, but it is still cool to see it for yourself.

I am also looking forward to the third season. Why you ask? Well that was when I started writing about the show on this blog. A quick explanation. I missed the first season when it was on television so I went out and bought it on DVD. I loved it and wanted to watch season two, but the season had already started, so I had to wait until it came out on DVD. The night it hit stores, I went and purchased it at midnight and watched the entire thing in like two days. I did not have the blog yet or if I did, it was still in it’s infancy. However, when the third season premiered, I think that is when I made my Lost writing debut...

Anyways, it will be slowing going with Lindsey since she can usually stay awake for about an episode or two.