Samson and the Knife

neuteredNow that Samson is seven months old, we decided it was time for a trip to the vet. Obviously he has been to the vet before, but until now he was a little too young for a certain procedure. You know which one I am talking about. Most of us guys are cringing even thinking about it. Most of you probably know it as chopping off his balls. Hence the cringing.

Unfortunately, I was not able to be there when Lindsey took him to the vet. I was at work and she said that he was pretty afraid when they got there. The vet said he did fine though and she was able to pick him up in a few hours. When she brought him home, he was super tired and ended up throwing up on the floor. She got scared because there was blood in the vomit. So she called me and I told her to call the vet. They said that it was normal after surgery.

Once I got home, it was hard to see him just laying there looking all sad. After dinner I took him outside and he slowly made his way out to the snow where he likes to poop. I realized that I did not have a poop bag and would have to go inside to get one. Samson was just too tired to make his way back in, so I had to carry him. I came back out because I am a good citizen and cleaned up the poop.

That is when I noticed a small white tube thing that looked like spaghetti. Once inside I immediately googled dog worms and found this picture:Canine_roundwormI called the vet and they said we did not need to bring him down, they would just give us medicine. I picked it up and they told me that we should probably wait until tomorrow to give it to him.

Geez, poor guy! Not only does he have a major medical procedure, but then he has worms. This has not been a good week for Samson. I feel like we need to get him a nice present for when he feels better…


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