The Revenge of Samson

Hello! I am Detective Josh. I am here to tell the tale of a horrible murder. It all began after a vicious attack on a member of the household known as Comfie. Samson attacked Comfie a few weeks ago and Dr. Josh was able to repair poor Comfie. However, Samson was not finished with poor Comfie. He stalked his prey for days, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

Josh and Lindsey were downstairs watching an episode of Lost. Samson knew they were completely engrossed in season two, especially with the flashback of Mr. Eko, so he sneaked upstairs and went to work finishing off Comfie. Once the murder was committed, Samson started to panic and ran down the stairs and came to a screeching halt when he saw Josh & Lindsey. He knew that Josh suspected something.

Josh went upstairs and this was the horrific scene he came across:

the crime scene

There was stuffing everywhere! NO COMFIE! Josh ran downstairs and immediately summoned me, Detective Josh. When I arrived on the scene though, I could not fathom what I found. The murderer had returned to the scene of the crime and was reveling in his kill!

the criminal

This was not a crime of passion. Nor was it self-defense. No, this was a sadistic killer, angry at not being able to finish off his victim. He undid the work of Dr. Josh and began ripping and tearing Comfie.

the rip

Allow us to take a moment and remember poor Comfie the Comforter, who met an unfortunate end on 1-28-16. Goodbye Comie! You are gone, but not forgotten. I choose to remember you as you lived…15279798_Alt01


And not as you died…

the victim