Thoughts on Oregon

This entire Oregon Under Attack stuff is pretty crazy. I mean, you have this group who takes over an unoccupied government building because they are upset about the sentence given to a rancher who set fire to his land, which then spread to government land. At least that is pretty much what I got out of all the articles.

The start of it was barely covered by the media and when it was, we were told how it was a peaceful protest. And yes, these guys are peacefully protesting, but I feel like seizing a building has the potential to not be very peaceful.


It seems like these kinds of people are always anti-government, except for that stuff they get from the government. You know, that stuff is good. I actually saw somewhere that Ammon Bundy actually got a small business loan from the government.

Oregon Stupidity

Here is something I want to know though, what will happen when this goes from peaceful to violent? Some of my family and friends most likely support these idiots. They are also the ones who are anti-BlackLivesMatter and constantly post things like #BlueLivesMatter and say how we need to support the police no matter what and they should use whatever force they feel is necessary.

So if these guys in Oregon shoot a few cops, how will my friends and family react? Something tells me their heads could possibly explode.

Also, if you want some good reading about the state of Oregon, here are two fantastic articles:
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