Who Wants to Cry?

I am not usually someone to cry. It is not that I am a super tough guy or anything, it is just not something that I do. I think it bothered people that I did not really cry when my dad died (hey, I had my quick moment while driving, but after that no more tears). I guess I just compartmentalize or something.

And yet for some reason movies and television shows get to me all the time. I will weep like a little baby over some touching moment of The Flash. Hell, I was pretty much bawling in the theater when I saw Return of the King. But nothing gets me quite like these two episodes of Futurama. Every single time I watch these episodes, or just these clips, I start crying.

I think this one gets to me even more now because of Samson.

And this next one is just as sad. I dare you to watch these two clips and not shed a tear.