A Sad Look at Geauga Lake

This is what Geauga Lake looks like now. Definitely sad for me. I went there at least twice as a kid, maybe even three times. Time for a quick stroll down memory lane.raging_wolf_bobs_07

-I remember going there once with Mom, Dad, Adam, and one of Dad’s employees, Mike and his girlfriend. I know that seems really odd since we never really did anything with them before. That must have been a year or so after I was able to ride a roller coaster. The one I remember the most was Raging Wolf Bobs, which was a pretty big wooden coaster.

-I remember another trip where we went with Mom’s family. This must have been around 1994. Why do you ask? I found pictures from the trip and I am wearing a Golden State Warriors shirt that had Chris Webber on it. What? I liked Chris Webber. And I liked basketball.Chris Webber-I think that may have been the last family vacation we ever had. I remember that the one day we were there, it rained all day. So my uncle suggested we drive out to Cedar Point because his brother worked at one of the hotels there. So we went there and our parents sat around BSing and drinking. I think we explored the hotel. I just remember that it poured all day. I think it was nice the next day, so we got the chance to go to Geauga Lake.

One Two

-This was definitely the last year that wearing a No Fear hat was considered cool. Also, I weighed like 90 pounds and yet I wore a Men’s Large shirt. I wish I could go back and smack that kid around. And seriously, we should have dressed my cousin up like Yoda, this picture would have been much funnier.

-Actually, come to think of it, I wonder if these pictures are not from Sea World, which we also went to on that trip? I guess it does not really make a difference. We went on a trip to Ohio.

-I believe this vacation was also had the classic Dad moment. We bought lemonade or something at some stand and as we were walking away, Adam finds a $20 bill on the ground. He picks it up, goes back to the stand and says that someone must have dropped it. Dad is shocked that his kid would be so honest! So, he does what any smart father would do in that situation. He goes to the stand and says “excuse me, I was just up here and dropped a $20 bill, I know this is a long-shot, but did anyone happen to turn one in?” The girl reaches below the register, pulls out the twenty, and hands it to Dad. Yes, she was probably just going to keep it, but for some reason, Dad felt that he needed that money more than some 16 year old girl working the lemonade stand.

Alright, well that was a fun trip down memory lane…