Amazing Car Accident

The other day while driving to work, I witnessed a car accident. The snow was melting and the road was a little wet. Two cars were in front of me, I am not sure if one was passing the other or if they were just going the same speed. Look at my fantastic artwork to get a better idea of what happened.

Step One

Car B hits a wet patch and hydroplanes into the side of Car B. As soon as I saw this, I slowed way down.Car A then drifts to the left and hits the K-Rail (that is what they are called or a Jersey Barrier).2008072914130447467_med

Step Two

At this point, Car B just keeps going, does not even attempt to slow down. Car A hits the K-Rail, bounces off and begins to spin.Step ThreeCar A spins 180 degrees and comes to a stop on the other median, facing the wrong way.

Step FourI was going fairly slow at this point and pulled over to see if everyone was alright. I hop out and walk down to the car. A girl gets out and she is starting to freak out. Her boyfriend jumps out of the passenger side. Here is the conversation:

Me: Are you alright?
Girl: Umm, I think so. Did you hit me?
Me: No, I was behind you and the other car. They did not even stop. He hit you and then you hit the barrier and somehow ended up over here.
Guy: Whoa, that was so crazy.
Me: Yeah.
Girl: Oh my god, my car! How bad is it?

At this point me and the guy are walking around the car. There is absolutely no damage. No scratches. No dents. Nothing! How is that even possible?

Me: There is no damage! You got really lucky.
Girl: What? That is crazy. We definitely hit something, right?
Me: Yes, I saw it. Are you two going to be alright?
Guy: Yeah, I think so.
Girl: Uh-huh.
Guy: I think I’ll drive the rest of the way.
Me: Good idea. Be careful.

Seriously, no damage. How crazy???

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