Dawn of Justice Final Trailer

I kind of wish they did not go with the Bat-suit giving him strength to fight Superman. I wish they would have went with Bruce synthesizing some form of Kryptonite that would cause him to lose his powers just long enough to allow Batman to fight him as a man. To really allow Clark to see what a man can do to him…still though, the movie looks awesome!

The other question I have, does anyone else feel that Jeremy Irons is the wrong guy to play Alfred? I mean, after Sir Michael Caine (who is 82), we go to Irons (67) and yet Bruce is supposed to be older. Maybe Irons is playing Alfred Jr…(and yes, I realize there is no point in getting hung up on ages in movies). Do not get me wrong, I like Jeremy Irons, but he just does not have that Alfred vibe. Or maybe Caine was just too good.