My Thoughts on the Super Bowl

hi-res-280f39bf0bd4a6a4703a50d70af333a1_crop_northFirst of all, I need to say congratulations to the Denver Broncos. My brother should be a pretty happy camper. It was a really good game if you are a fan of defense. If you are a fan of offense, this was definitely not a game to watch. However, you are not here for my scintillating thoughts on the biggest football game of the year. Nope, you want to know my thoughts on all the other stuff.

The Halftime Show
I actually thought it was pretty good. To be fair though, I am a fan of Coldplay (go ahead, make jokes). If I had one complaint, they should have just allowed Coldplay to play the music for Bruno Mars. It would have been cool to hear them playing their version of “Uptown Funk” while Bruno and his boys sang and danced. Same with the Beyonce song. I know, that is a minor complaint.

It cracks me up how upset people get over the halftime show. First it starts with the choice. People freak out, half the people want some hardcore metal act (never going to happen) or something else equally out there. Sorry folks, but the Super Bowl is watched by a few people. They have to pick an act that is going to be liked by the broadest groups possible. It is not rocket science. Your petition to have Metallica perform the halftime show will be ignored.coldplay and gay prideAnd yet, no matter what act they pick, there will come the inevitable controversy. This year it comes from multiple aspects. You have the anti-gay folks upset that Coldplay made everything rainbows and love. Apparently homosexuals should not be enjoying the Super Bowl.

Then we have the entire Beyonce and Black Lives Matter. Yikes. I feel like this debate is never going to end. The cops should probably understand that no one is saying that all cops are bad, nor are they saying that cops need to die. Instead, they are saying that maybe, just maybe some cops go into a situation and react poorly. But that is about it, I would prefer not to get into this debate here and now.

It never fails that there is one commercial that causes people to lose their shit. And this year it was from Doritos. Wait, what? How does Doritos come up with an offensive commercial? Well just watch and see.

Who could be offended by this commercial? How about NARAL, which is the Nation Abortion Rights Action League, who feels that it is humanizing a fetus. I really wish I was kidding about this, but sadly I am not. That was the first thing I thought when I saw the commercial:  oh, those little things inside people are human, not some fish/alien hybrid, we should probably outlaw abortion. These are the things that make liberals look bad.

In case you were worried that there were no controversies involving actual football, do not fear! Cam Newton was upset after the game because his team lost. He tried to put the team on his back and failed. Yes, he comes off as a bit petulant, but at least he shows some emotion. I always laugh when people get upset that athletes give generic statements and then when they show genuine emotion, they immediately get crucified. Cam does not want to answer their stupid questions (and c’mon, they were pretty stupid), but he tries. Could he have handled himself better? Probably, but whatever.

But hey, at least some people are upset about Peyton Manning too! After winning he said that he wanted to kiss his wife, his kids, drink a lot of Budweiser, and oh, thank god. Yep, I have read some Christians saying that he should have thanked god first. What a jerk!

And I would be a shitty person if I did not post the Eli Manning GIF.

Yes, that looks like the guy who is upset that his brother now has the same number of rings as him.